Secure File Transfer

Having difficulty logging in?

This website is for registered users of Datalocker - the Secure File Transfer system.

There could be a few reasons why you may be having difficulty logging in. The following is a list of possible reasons to bear in mind:

  • Did you know that passwords and usernames are case sensitive?
  • Double check that you haven't accidentally activated the CAPS LOCK key.

  • Are you sure you typed the username and password exactly correct?
  • If the username is "Bill" then "bill" or "William" will not work. Check you know the exact spelling of the username and password.

  • Did you accidentally type in extra spaces in the password or username?
  • None of our usernames or passwords include spaces.

  • Have you forgotten your username or password?
  • This can happen to all of us on occasion.

If you have checked all of these and still cannot get in, please email the Datalocker support team on and a member of the team should be able to help.